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2015 Volunteer Ball

USA Dance 2015 Volunteer Ball was so much fun! This is our 6th year in holding the event and it gets better and better.

Some quotes from attendees:

"We love the Volunteer Ball. It is the start of the holiday season for us & we'll be back again next year."​

"Thank you for hosting this event. I really enjoyed myself. Tonight I danced with people that I've known for many years but have never had the the opportunity to dance with."

"This is the best event of the year!"

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers!

Brad Ackerman, Peter Bain, Paul Bodor, Sarah Boe, Jim Brown, Molly Buigry, Regina Burdis, Diane Campbell, Bobbi Carbaugh, Carolyn Cattani, Jennifer Corey, Kimberly Corrighan, Lindsey Dechant, Tim Figueroa, Debbie Firestone, Tracey Floming, Andrea Gillham, Angi Goldberg, Sara Hadley, Roger Kamicar, Pat Kayser, Shannon Kelly, Diane Knutson, Carol Koth, Yuriy Kravets, Ed Larkin, Susan Lowe, Susan McCaffery, Todd Munson, Robert Nardozza, Britt Nokes, Margaret Nokes, Terry Pasqua, Judd Ptak, Reason Putman, Don Read, Mikala Redel, Ryan Shanahan, John Springli, Ted Story, Diana Strashnikova, Dwight Stuessy, Irene Taras, David Tippett & Melissa Trader