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Fall 2016 Competition

The Fall 2016 dancesport competition was held at the Denver Turnverein on Saturday, Oct 1st. We are proud of each and every one of you for the dedication it takes to compete, and for the courage it takes to show off the skills you've developed along the way. Click here for Fall competition program!

Winners Circle!

2015 Fall Competition Results

2016 Spring Competition Results

2016 Fall Competition Results

Dance Sport Competitions

Rocky Mountain chapter holds competitions so that dancers can enjoy the challenge and excitement of a competiton environment. Our competitions are amateur-only , i.e. you and your partner must both be amateurs. Local dance professionals serve as judges for our competitions.


You must have a current membership in USA Dance to participate in our competitions. USA Dance has membership categories for both Social (recreational) and Athlete (competition) dancers. Because our competitions are not officially sanctioned, we allow dancers in any membership category to participate. Note that you will need an "Athlete" membership if you wish to compete in sanctioned events elsewhere. To find out more or to become a USA Dance member, visit the USA Dance Membership page.

Dance Styles and Skill Levels

Dance Styles include American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Standard, and International Latin.

Skill levels, in order of increasing proficiency, are: Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Novice, Pre-Championship, and Championship.

Please note that Gold and below levels are restricted to Syllabus (fixed dance figures), while Novice and above are Advanced (no fixed figures) levels. Syllabus skill levels also have costume (dress-code) restrictions.

You can dance in two skill levels in a given Style, but they must be consecutive. For example, you can dance in American Smooth Bronze and Silver, but not American Smooth Bronze and Gold. However, you can dance in American Smooth Bronze and Silver, and also dance in International Latin Silver and Gold, because these are different Styles.

For more info, visit the Guide For New Competitors page.

Age Categories

Age categories are: Preteen I (9 years old and under), Preteen II (10-11), Junior I (12-13), Junior II (14-15), Youth, Adult (19-34), Senior I (35-44), Senior II (45-54), and Senior III (55 and over). Anyone can compete in the Adult (19-34) group. Dancers under 19 can compete in any age category older than their age, up to Adult. Those older than 34 can compete in any age category younger than their age, down to Adult. For our competitions, you can dance in two age categories, but they must be consecutive, e.g. Adult and Senior I. Your USA Dance membership card shows your age category.

Event Registration

You can register for a competiton on-line (preferred method) or by mail. This site will show a link to on-line registration when it becomes available, usually about one month before the competition date. This site will also have info about how to register by mail.

NOTE: Please create a new account when starting the online registration process for each competition! You can re-use your email and password but need to create a new account as the first step.

Advertising Opportunities

Interested in advertising in the program? $25 for a half page or $40 for a full page. Email us at Deadline to submit ad content is Saturday, May 7th.

All advertisements must be professional quality, 'camera-ready', and received no later than Saturday, March 5th, 2016 in order to meet our printing schedule. A full page ad is 7.5" x 10" with 1/2 inch margin (no bleed), black & white. Camera ready photo screen ruling should be 85 Ipi or coarser. You may email the ad in .PDF, .JPG or .TIFF formatted file to

Sponsors & Fundraising

You are invited to become a sponsor of our competition and be recognized in our competition program. All donations to USA Dance Rocky Mountain Chapter are tax deductible at their fair market value under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. You can specify that your donation be used for scholarships or for general purposes. Proceeds from the competition weekend are used to expand and nurture ballroom dancing among in the Denver area. To become a sponsor, contact

New Chapter Policy on Raffles & Give-aways

At the 2016 Spring Competition, in our enthusiasm to offer benefits to our dancers, our chapter gave away dance lessons (group & private lessons) at specific studios as raffle prizes to attendees. By doing this we unintentionally violated USA Dance's Neutrality policy. Our violation of the policy created an awkward situation and made it appeared we provided favoritism to the studios that offered up the prizes. Going forward our chapter cannot and will not accept any type of dance instruction, or anything that is perceived as promoting any particular studio or independent instructor, as raffles at any of our future events.

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